LogEx Community has organized the first “Circular Economy Week” in the Western Balkan countries

For the first time in the Western Balkans, the Circular Economy Week was organized by LogEx Community – an initiative of The Balkan Forum, a joint partnership between 8 universities, civil society, and business actors from all Western Balkan countries.

As part of the Circular Economy Week, the opening conference entitled “Circular Economy: a way forward” was held at Universum College with 70 participants from the Western Balkans and the European Union.

During this conference, two discussion panels were held with a special focus on the implementation of circular economy practices in the Balkan countries and the strengthening of regulations within this field.

Meanwhile, in Albania, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, other events have taken place including workshops, webinars, and podcasts.

This week aims to start a regional dialogue and campaign in the orientation of public policies and business models in various companies towards the circular economy, as the future of economic and social development of our region. More specifically, good practices in the circular economy such as recycling, reuse, and reproduction were promoted during these activities. The LogEx Community will continue to contribute to this issue and this week will turn into a traditional organization in the Western Balkan countries. LogEx Community members are: The Balkan Forum and Universum College in Kosovo, Build Green Group in Albania, CIVIL in Northern Macedonia, CENER21 and COD Jajce in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Serbia, and ZIP ADP in Montenegro, as well as academicians Dr. Ivana Lozanovska in Germany and Dr. Sanda Midžić-Kurtagić in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main donor of this week’s organization is the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.